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The revival of medieval tapestries in the 19th century has a lot to do with the works of William Morris. Tapestries own their popularity and resurgence to the arts movement headed by William Morris in the late 1800’s throughout England. Morris was responsible for reviving many old art forms, but some of his most famous works were tapestries including the tapestry entitled The Tree of Life.

Morris was part of a wealthy family and after an unremarkable childhood attended Exeter College in Oxford England. Morris had always had an interest in art, especially the works of the pre-renaissance era, but it was not until he met painter Edward Burne-Jones that he began his creative quest to revive and preserve medieval art forms. Burne-Jones, Morris, and other students founded the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood a group of artists that looked to the art and culture of Middle Ages for inspiration. 

Acanthus French Wall Tapestry


$429.00 - $739.00
Departure of the Knights French Wall Tapestry


$1,195.00 - $2,999.00
Flora I Belgian Wall Tapestry
$225.00 - $398.00
Les Chevaliers French Wall Tapestry


$595.00 - $1,829.00
The Minstrel French Wall Tapestry
$168.00 - $254.00
Vignes and Acanthus French Wall Tapestry


$359.00 - $1,359.00




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