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Hanging and Care

Hanging:  Tapestries can be hung @3 inches away from the wall. You can choose to hang your tapestry closer to the wall @3/4 inch with close to the wall brackets. However, tapestry should not be flat up against the wall due to possible mold and mildew build-up.. 

Do not hang your tapestry in direct sunlight or near direct heat, as this can fade and/or shrink the tapestry. Your tapestry may have some slight creases due to warehousing and shipping. This is normal for any linen or material object.  We recommend that you iron the tapestry on a flat surface using a medium iron (some steam may be necessary). Place a bed sheet or any dye-free sheet over the tapestry first to protect the tapestry. Test in a corner or back of tapestry first.  

Cleaning:  It is recommended that a tapestry just be dusted with a soft cloth or vacuum gently.  You can keep a tapestry clean for many years with just light dusting.  If you choose to clean your tapestry with more than dusting, then we highly recommend you choose a dry cleaner with experience in cleaning tapestries. Do not wash in washing machine.  

Safety:  Children and pets can be curious, and you can't always control what little hands, paws and claws do. Please be mindful of this if considering tassels as they can create a possible strangulation risk for small children and pets.  Do not hang tapestry near open flames, fire places, stoves, ovens, or anywhere there is excessive heat. 

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